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American Made Headers are HERE!

We're super proud to announce that our first set of USA made headers are here!

This particular set is for the 60-87 C10 Gen V swap

We have been looking forward to bringing all of our manufacturing to the US for a bit now. If it's not made here then it's because of talent and skill, not cheap manufacturing cost.

The grade of stainless steel and welding quality is far beyond what the overseas factories were able to produce.

The other benefits are that we have better control over quality and we are now able to make changes almost instantly.

It also keeps jobs in the U.S. and overtime we hope to help bring more jobs back to the U.S. Especially now more than ever, with everything going on we couldn't happier working with a U.S. manufacture and we can't wait to bring more stuff to the table.

I'm sure most of you are wondering about price, we'll be posting again most likely tomorrow about pricing and pre orders.

Here a closer look at the headers and more info on ordering.

In the meantime, stay clean, stay safe.