Manley Chevrolet Gen V LT1 Lightweight Series Short Snout Crankshaft 4.000 58-Tooth Reluctor Wheel

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Manley Performance “PRO SERIES” crankshafts designed for the small block direct injected LT1 engine … Manufactured from a premium 4340 steel forging, these cranks feature a stock 3.622″ stroke or an increased 4.000″ stroke which can turn your 6.2L into 6.8-7.0L depending on your bore. All crankshafts are shipped with a 58 tooth reluctor wheel installed.

  • 4340 material forgings
  • Multi-step heat treatment process and nitrided for added strength
  • Stress relieved, shot-peened and 100% magnafluxed
  • Micro polished large radius journals (narrowed rod bearings required)
  • Gun drilled mains and lightened rod journals for weight reduction
  • Counterweights fully profiled

The stock timing crank gear may need to be chamfered to clear the larger radius on the snout of the crankshaft

Note: Manley crankshafts are not intended for use with highly boosted roots style cog belt superchargers