LT1 / L86 6.2 Drop in Piston and Rod Kit

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We are proud to offer the best drop in piston and rod kit for your LT1 or L86 Engine. 

If you are planning on boosting your LT1 or L86 these are a great piece of mind. The new Gen V engines can handle a fair amount of abuse, but we all know how addictive boost is. Turn up your boost worry free with the best Drop in piston and rod kit on the market. This is a true drop in kit, no balancing required. You don't even have to take the engine out!

The CP- Carillo bullet drop in piston and rod assembly matches the factory bobweight, clears factory oil squirters and is capable of supporting 1200HP. NO MACHINE WORK OR BALANCING REQUIRED!!


- CP-Carillo Bullet Rods with H Tool Steel Rod Bolts

- CP Bullet Pistons with 2618 Forging Material 

- Drops Compression Full Point 10.5:1

- .200 Wall, Heavy Duty Wrist Pins

- Steel Gas Nitride Top Ring, Napier Second Ring

- No Balancing Required Drop in Piston and Rod Upgrade