L86 6.2 8L90 Drivetrain

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we have several L86 Drivetrains in stock they are all under 10k miles. We believe that the l86 is the best drivetrain available right now for swaps. internally the are the same as the LT-1, without the price tag. 

Recently we have seen concerns raised about the 8 speed transmissions. We have never experienced any ourselves. We have noticed that it is mostly tuning related. GM has also changed the fluid type and that has seemed to rectify the issues

We do our best to bring you the best drivetrains available. All of our drivetrains have been compression and leak down tested so you can buy with confidence. All of our drivetrains come with the oem harness. Pedals and computers may be included if we receive them that way, but there is no guarantee. If we have pedals available we can include one for you, just be sure to ask. 

We Currently have 2 Drivetrains in stock

- 2018 L86 / 8l90 Combo Approx. 11,400 Miles

- 2018 L86 / 8l90 Combo Approx. 13,800 Miles






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