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Thank you for checking out the Predator Muffler from Black Label Exhaust.
You guys loved them so much that we completely sold out within a few days!
The predator muffler was brought about to fill a need. We had been selling other aftermarket dual mode exhaust systems mainly for exotic and high end cars, but they were only being offered as axle backs or cat backs only, and they were quite expensive, usually averaging out to be around $3,500 - $5,000. No one was paying attention to the average consumer, so we decided to give them the option. And so, the Predator Muffler was born!  
We still get tons of messages about the Predator Muffler daily!
We wanted to bring them back as soon as possible, but with manufacturing cost going up we wanted to offer the muffler to everyone at our original price of $399.95 
Now, $400 may sound a bit steep for a muffler, but this aint just any muffler. 
The predator muffler gives virtually any vehicle the capability of a dual mode exhaust found in modern sports cars, like the Corvettes, Camaros, and Mustangs. A mild to wild switch if you will, only its wirelessly controlled by a sleek key fob hanging on your keys.
No Longer do you have to sit in your car and start it up just to be able to change the exhaust tone. No longer do you have change to a different driving mode just so you can actually hear the sound of your exhaust. 
Does your passenger hate how loud your car or truck is? Quite it down in an instant  
Do you daily your race car, but are getting tired of all the drone on your commute? We have a solution for you. 
Are your neighbors giving you flack about how sick your exhaust is? 
Keep the valve closed until you get out of the neighborhood, then hit the button and let all that horsepower be heard! 
its always good to be neighborly, right? 
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