L86 / L83 to LT1 Gen V Billet Front Drive

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Convert your L86 or l83 into a Camaro LT1 drive system with all the parts necessary for your swap. This kit comes with everything you need to fit these motor into earlier narrow frame cars like the 67-69 Camaros and Firebirds

ALL USA Kit includes

-Designed to be bolted into earlier cars WITHOUT modification

- Brand New Camaro Waterpump With Gaskets 

- Brand new Camaro Harmonic Balncer with New Bolt 

-Custom parts machined for application, see above.

-Aircraft 6061 CNC aluminum brackets and pulleys machined and assembled here in house in the good old USA.

-twin 20,000 rpm bearings in idler and tensioner pulleys

-Enhanced Power steering belt wrap for pro touring and competition builds running late model boxes, racks and larger front tire wheel combinations.

-Aluminum USA power steering pump fitted to our LT1 pulley with integral reservoir.

-Powermaster 170 amp single wire alternator. (high end internal fan late model unit)

-Sanden (brand, not knockoff) AC compressor to work with all aftermarket and stock AC systems. Custom AC billet cover.

-Gates belt

-Detailed instructions for a no surprises installation.

-This is for the new LT1 Wet sump engine, call if you have the dry sump LT1 or LT4

General notes on Drive Junky systems.
Custom designed and machined aircraft 6061 aluminum brackets and pulleys. There is a trend in the industry to cut aluminum plate in a 2d kind of way, and attach to the engine with a myriad of spacers washers and loose parts to reach the necessary areas to secure them. We machine custom individual parts to fit perfectly in the most efficient and straightforward way. The OEM’s do this as well (although many of those parts are cast and not machined from billet aluminum). The OEM way functions perfectly of course, minimizes vibrations, fits accessories rigidly, but either has clearance issues with older cars, has omitted unneeded components in newer cars (like power steering), or may not be as attractive as aftermarket options.
Also, our often imitated Rigid idler pulleys and custom tensioner pulleys feature stainless axles and twin 20,000 rpm bearings for all out street machines, as well as supreme durability on the road.